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Quality is our focus

About Us

At Eastlyco, we are dedicated to introducing premium quality products to the local market, ensuring our customers have access to the best in class from around the world. Our mission is to elevate the market standard through high-quality offerings and unparalleled service, fostering growth and success for our partners and clients.

Our Approach

We believe in mutual growth and prosperity. By partnering with us, distributors can significantly enhance their products and services portfolio. Our extensive network and resources span both international and local domains, enabling us to represent esteemed international factories and manufacturing companies. This broad reach ensures that we can provide an exceptional range of products tailored to meet local market needs.

Business Development and Exclusive Partnerships

We identify ourselves as a pivotal business development unit for local companies and distributors for two main reasons:

1. Exclusive Distribution: We assign international exclusive brands to be distributed solely by a single distributor within the region. This exclusivity helps our partners to create a unique market presence and build a loyal customer base.

2. Private Label Development: For local companies and distributors looking to create their own brand, we offer comprehensive development services. This includes everything from manufacturing and exporting to shipping, port clearing, and transportation management. We ensure the products safely reach the owner's warehouse, providing a Total Delivery Cost (TDC) report for complete costing analysis and transparency.

Our Services

- Premium Quality Products: Introduction and supply of high-quality international and local brands.

- Partnership Growth: Enhancing distributor portfolios with diverse products and services.

- International and Local Sourcing: Representing renowned international factories and leveraging local manufacturing capabilities.

- Exclusive Brand Distribution: Offering exclusive rights to distribute premium international brands.

- Private Label Development: Creating and managing private label brands for local companies, including end-to-end logistics and cost analysis.

Our Commitment

In summary, Eastlyco is your trusted local supplier for both international and local brands. Our commitment to quality, exclusive partnerships, and comprehensive business development services positions us as a leader in the market. We strive to create value for our partners and clients, driving growth and success through innovation, dedication, and excellence.

For more information on how we can support your business growth and development, please contact us.

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