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Eastlyco is primarily an importer, marketer and distributor of multinational goods mainly FMCG line. We manage established brands as well as private labels of our own.

 Our team leaders are well equipped with extensive experiences in modern trade, grocery and HORECA segments. They are backed with professional experiences of over 40 years combined in food trading industry. Our company is also involved in contracting projects where our talents are extended. We are currently in focus on asian markets mainly Middle East while expanding to Africa, South Asia, South East Asia & Europe is in parallel where our expertise are best exploited. 

Our 2030 mission is to be the no.1’s choice of business trading partner worldwide and be the leading multinational company driven by passionate talents building purposeful brands. Empowering our clients, customers and suppliers is our base stand when comes to business partnering. We maintain strong relationships with our partners around the world. The partners we represent are leaders in their respective segments and categories. 

We strive on being innovative and serve our customers best, including providing the latest new products, custom packaging for uniqueness to the local markets of each region and reformulated products that fully comply with regulations. Our company brings to you expertise and competence in the market.

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